My name is Chelsea Wechsler (weks-ler) and I'm a Junior UI Designer in San Antonio, TX with a passion for problem-solving and visual design.

Starting from a young age, I enjoyed solving jigsaw puzzles with my mom. Putting the pieces together to build the bigger picture has always been so rewarding and now as a designer, I have that same passion to piece together big picture solutions to create digital products that are a perfect fit. By outlining the specs of a project, testing the pieces to see if they fit to placing the final piece, building your digital presence is a lot like solving a puzzle.

When I'm not designing or piecing together jigsaw puzzles, I love to get out and explore the the Texas Hill Country, so feel free to reach out and share your favorite eateries, bookstores, music venues, hiking trails and other must see places!
¡hola y’all!
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