• about sojos
    Since pioneering freeze-dried pet food in 1985, Sojos has been delivering complete, freeze-dried raw meals. They take the time and care to prepare and seal in ingredients fresh from trusted farmers so pet owners can have all the nutritional benefits for their pets, but without the hassle.
  • objective
    Sojos crafts freeze-dried, raw dog food that's simple to prepare and nutritious for your pet. The objective for this project was to emphasize their history to communicate a product that is aimed at creating the healthiest possible product for pets to feel and look their best.
  • approach
    With an emphasis on the transparency of the process to craft their pet food, this project outlined the story of bringing healthy raw meals from trusted farms to pet owners in order for them to feel like they were making these meals in their own kitchen for their pets.
Chelsea Wechsler:
Concept, Research, Identity, Trademarks, Social Media, Posters
Taylor Confer:
Concept, Research, Identity, Website, Food Quiz
Megan Myles:
Concept, Research, Identity, Packaging, Copywriting
Sarah Storch:
Concept, Research, Identity, Iconography

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Art Direction
Sojos Pet Food
Minnesota, USA
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