• about cc ballet
    CC BALLET is a non-profit ballet company that focuses on the growth and development of the local youth through ballet as a performance art.
  • objective
    The City of Corpus Christi’s S.E.A. district is comprised of venues that host sports, entertainment and art. CC BALLET's rehearsal and performance venues are located in the heart of this district,and as an effort to be a part of this community, the ballet company and academy will shift their focus towards families while also serving as a path to professional performing arts.
  • approach
    By rebranding the company with a more modern look, it will help elevate them in the movement of ballet in pop culture. With an abstract mark, the logo reinforces the idea of inclusiveness as it represents dancers in a non-conformitive way.

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Graphis New Talent Annual
CC Ballet, Branding System
Gold Award
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Corpus Christi Ballet
1621 N Mesquite St.
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
Alexandra Emory, CC Ballet
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