• about fndmt
    FNDMT is a textile company in Porto, Portugal. FNDMT consists of a team of creative technologists that build bridges between artists and local manufactures. The team is a group of women who are inspired by the Bauhaus textiles and the importance of the history behind them. FNDMT honors the heritage of fashion and technology by bringing women together to hack the system.
  • objective
    Business-to-business is a situation where one business makes a commercial transaction with another. Being a business-to-business company changes the way FNDMT markets and structures its product sales. The objective of this project was to create an e-commerce site for wholesale buyers to make transactions.

  • approach
    By rebranding the company to be more representative of their Bauhaus-inspired textiles products, this project created an ecommerce site to show off the products and their patterns for wholesale buyers to view before going through the purchasing process.
Kim Garcia:
Research, Branding, Product Book, and Patterns
Chelsea Wechsler:
Research, Web, Social Media, and Patterns

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